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Life Adapt

Life Adapt learns to recognize the activities that you want to track. You can add your own activities and teach Life Adapt how to recognize them. As you confirm predictions, Life Adapt employs state-of-the-art machine learning to improve its accuracy on your activities and how you uniquely do them. You can chart your own activities or see how your activities compare to all Life Adapt users. Below we describe the main features of the Life Adapt app.


After you have registered with Adaptelligence and login to Life Adapt, the first view you will see is the Home view. At the top is the Activity view, which shows bubbles for the most frequent activities. The size of a bubble is based on how often you perform this activity compared to others. Tap a bubble to go to the Activity Detail view for that activity. You can pan and zoom the Activity view, or tap Reset to return to a normal view. The number of activities shown can be configured in Settings.

At the bottom of the Home view is the Activity Prediction feed. As Life Adapt recognizes your activities, an entry is added to the feed with the activity name and time. By tapping or swiping left on a row, you can confirm or change the activity to help train Life Adapt. The number of predictions kept in the feed can be configured in Settings.


Activity Detail

The Activity Detail view shows two pie charts: one depicting the percentage time you spend on this activity, and one depicting the percentage time all Life Adapt users spend on this activity.


The Charts view lists the available charts for displaying information about your activities (or all Life Adapt users’ activities based on Settings).


The Settings view allows you to customize the Life Adapt app. You can change the number of activity bubbles in the Home view and whether they reflect your activities or all Life Adapt users. You can also change the number of predictions in the Activity Predictions feed on the Home view and the frequency with which Life Adapt makes predictions about your current activity.


The Account view shows the main information about your Adaptelligence account and allows you to modify it, if needed. You can also Logout of Life Adapt here.

Life Adapt on Apple Watch

Have an Apple Watch? Life Adapt’s watch app uses the sensors on your Apple Watch to make even more accurate predictions about your activities. Similar to the Home view on the phone app, the watch displays your most frequent activities and the activity prediction feed. Tap a row in the activity prediction feed to confirm or change the activity.

The Life Adapt watch app requires a connection to the phone app to receive activity updates and send confirmed or changed predictions