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Wumpus World


Welcome to the Wumpus World! Your goal is to grab the gold , get back to the lower-left square, and climb out of the cave. You can move around using the turn left , turn right , and go forward buttons.

The evil wumpus is hiding somewhere in the cave. If you enter its square, the wumpus will eat you. The wumpus gives off a terrible stench that can be detected in adjacent squares. You can kill the wumpus by shooting the arrow in its direction.

There are also bottomless pits in the cave. If you enter a square with a pit, you fall in, never to be seen again. A breeze can be felt in squares adjacent to pits.

There is only one gold, one wumpus, one arrow, and zero or more pits. There is always a way to get the gold.

Each move costs 1 point. An arrow shot costs an additional 9 points. If you die, you lose 1000 points. The gold is worth 1000 points, if you carry it out of the cave alive.

At any time you can start a new game , replay the current game , change options (including world size), or view this information .

Happy spelunking!


The Wumpus World game was first introduced by AI researcher Michael Genesereth as a testbed for AI systems and is loosely based on the Hunt the Wumpus Atari video game. The Wumpus World game was fully described by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig in their book “Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach” (

This iOS version was written by Larry Holder, Adaptelligence LLC (

The background music is Charles Gounod’s “Funeral March of a Marionette” performed by Diane Holder.